Within the framework of “Regulation on Mevlana Exchange Programme” published in Official Journal on 23.08.2011 / no:28034 and “Principles and Procedures on Use, Accounting of the Amounts to be transferred to Higher Education Institutions and Other Relevant Matters on the Payments to be made in the Scope of Mevlana Exchange Programme” accepted in the Council of Higher Education Executive Board on 07.07.2011; he execution of Mevlana Exhange Programme by the signatory national higher education institutions and their international partners in 2014-2015 academic year will be approved according to the below mentioned schedule.    

Call for Exchange in Higher Education Institutions 30 March-14 April 2015
Receiving the applications for the Exchange Programme  20 April-27 April 2015
Assesment of Applications 28 April-04 May 2015
Reporting the assesment results to the Council of Higher Education 8 May 2015
Announcement of assesment results 29 May 2015