Completed Projects

Project title / date


Applicant Organisation

1. Study visit under Leonardo da Vinci programme  ‘Approaches to Mobility in Lifelong Learning’
7-11 th of October 2013

Manisa, Turkey

CBU International Office

2. “Keep the cultural flame burning!”
Project Dates: 2014-01-01 - 2014-11-30
Activity Dates: 2014-02-01 - 2014-06-30

Poland Internationaler Bund Polska

3. European EVS Partnership – An Actıve Citizenship
21th February – 24th February 2014

Poland, Dlugopole Dolne Village

4. Training Course titled 'What is the Difference?'

1-5 April 2014


Şanlıurfa, Turkey


National Agency

5. On-line vs Offline Learning

24-29 th of March, 2014


Vienna, Austria


No Label Project Organisation

6. Youth Cultural Activism and Intercultural Dialogue

April 1 - 9, 2014

Novi Sad, Serbia

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

Proceeding Projects:

        Project title


Applicant Organisation

KA2 – Strategic Partnership:

1. EMUPO project European Outdoor Education Programme (for School of PE and sport)

It will last 2 years

Manisa, Turkey


CBU International Office


2. “Simulations: bringing the benefits of situated learning”

01.09. 2014 – 01.09.2016

Kaunas, Lithuania

Enterprise Initiative, NGO

3. Q-PAS, Quality Placement Academic Supervision

Volos, Greece

University of Thessaly [UTH]

4. ‘East –West  Partnership Alliance’

01.10.2014 – 01.10.2015


Plymouth, UK


Amber Initiatives

KA1 - Adult education staff mobility

1. Minority groups in Turkey, their social status and education

Plymouth, UK

from 07-07-2014 to 07-07-2015


CBU International Office

KA1 – Youth mobility

Project title


Applicant Organisation

1. Recreation as life style

Manisa, Turkey

CBU International Office

2. Model European Union Bratislava 2014

Slovak Republic

Association for Development, Education and Labour


Kaisiadorys, Lithuania

Lithuanian section of the International police association

4. “Changes of Exchanges”

5. Life currency – TIME

Kaunas, Lithuania

Jaunimo verslumo ir saviraiškos skatinimo Labdaros ir Paramos Fondas

6. „Sport - one language for all cultures“

Kaunas, Lithuania

VšĮ „Sabonio krepšinio centras“

7. Life entrepreneurship development (3 Dimensions)


Viešvilės bendruomenės centras "Skalvija"

8. “Youth Eco Style”

Šiauliai, Lithuania

Romų Integracijos Centras 

9. “European youth treasure”
10. “All about s.ex” (Social EXclusion)
11. “Food story”

Kaunas, Lithuania

Viesoji istaiga "REVENTUS"


Jurbarkas, Lithuania

Asociacija "Nemunas FUN"

13. Move Your Body, Change Your Mind (KA1)

Vila Real St.António, Portugal

Animashow - Associação Cultural e Recreativa

14. Entrepreneurship for Young

Katowice, Poland

Europejskie Centrum Integracji i Rozwoju